What better tribute to Steve Jobs than building a miniature Apple store in your basement? That's not creepy at all, right? Our friends at Oobject have compiled this exhaustive set of everything you'll need (Geniuses not included).
You may also want to loop the best speeches by Steve Jobs on an MBP or display this collection of famous Apple users, but you'll probably want to not include these 12 failed Apple products

Aalto High Stool

Agrob Buchtal Bathroom Ceramics

Ambient Lighting by Modular International

Apple Theater Seating by Richard Meier

After much searching we can confirm exactly what the seating is, at least for the NYC Soho store auditorium:
It's the West Coast seating system designed by Richard Meier for Poltrona Frau, who provide seating for some of the world's most famous theaters.

Cable Display Systems by B+N Industries

Baleri Italia Kids Seating

Bathroom Accessories by D-Line

Bathroom Faucets by Vola

In the US, Vola faucets were imported and sold under the name Kroin.

Bathroom Fittings by Duravit

BCJ Furniture by Fetzers

Designers - Eight Inc.

Architects and designers like to have numbers as names, like 9H, Atelier 5 or Team 4.
Here are the 3 people behind the design of the Apple stores: Eight Inc.

Erco Nadir Floor Lights

Exit Signs by Alkco Edge Glo LED

Glass Balaustrade by DuPont Butacite

Handrails and Doorknobs by D-Line

Light Switches by Lutron Electronics Inc.

Motor shades by Motorized Shades

North Michigan Avenue Green Roof

Shot-Blasted Panels by Zahner

Update: the shot blasted panels provided by Zahner were not for all stores but for items such as the Soho New York store 12 gauge stainless steel internal panel system. As user BT points out, there are other suppliers for stainless steel panels such as the Japanese firm Kikukawa, who did panels for most of the Apple mini stores, for example. Zahner also did the panel system for Herzog and DeMeurons De Young Museum.

Stretch Ceiling Systems by Newmat

Theater Wall covering by Knoll Textile Foundation

The color used is obviously different from the picture, here. But this is the exact product used for the theater walls.

Track Lighting by Alkco

Glass Stairs by Tripyramid

To clarify, TriPyramid supply the staircase structure. The glass comes from several people using Dupont Sentryglas Plus , for the Soho New York branch glass was provided by Depp and the assembly was by Seele.

Uplighting Under Stairs by Erco Lightscoop

Erco are the light switch are used almost exclusively by the world's most famous architects. Apple use wall washers and floor lights from Erco.

Recessed Floor Boxes by Wiremold

top image courtesy of the AP