Steve Jobs' passing last week sparked an outpouring of heartfelt goodbyes and loving remembrances of a man who had a profound effect on many of our lives. Unfortunately, it also triggered some, let's say, less elegant responses, like these sadly misguided pieces from actual advertising firms.

Advertising Agency: Periscope, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (Above)

Advertising Agency: DDB, Cairo, Egypt
Well yes, that's a legitimate sentiment, I suppose. But I'm not sure that comparing a human being to a hard drive is the most reasonable way to go about it. And what's going on with that lower case "wish"? Someone would have been horribly and violently fired if Steve saw that thing.

Advertising Agency: Avrett Free Ginsberg
The more-than-questionable design (and logical) choice of turning the Apple logo into a heart aside, I'm more concerned with the text here. "unThinkable" doesn't seem to make any outward sense, and even breaks the iWord template, to dismal effect.

Advertising Agency: iris, Sydney (Click Expand for full ad)
So this was taking a stab at being clever, but missed the mark pretty wildly. iPods at half volume? Really? With your company logo being more eye-pulling than your message? Oy. Oy, iris.

Advertising Agency: Evolution Alexandria, Egypt
Ok. Shut Down. That's dumb and bad. Sure. But let's talk about that logo at the top. Come on, guys, even if you must include that garish thing, you can't even abide by the black-and-white motif with it? And there's a teeny bit of irony in the Goodbye in the lower right corner being better than the main bit of the ad.

Advertising Agency: Redlime, Sri Lanka
Hey, this one actually looks pretty tasteful. It's visually striking, keeps on messag.. oh. Right. So on top of being an exact ripoff of Apple's page right now, this one went one step further and, of course, managed to shove in a plug for the agency. Good work, fellas.

Look, we don't begrudge anyone the right to mourn in their own way. But these are not just well-intentioned folks on message boards or comments threads putting the best they can muster out there. These are professional ad agencies paying homage to a man wholly dedicated to design with ads that don't just miss the mark; they would have offended every molecule of taste in Steve Jobs' being. [Ads of the World via Copyranter]