The album is actually called Weezer, but, because of its lime green cover, it's known as the Green Album. It marked the return of the band after a five-year hiatus.

It also marked the introduction of bass player Mikey Welsh who passed away this past weekend. In fact, this is the only album Mikey played on. His time with Weezer was fleeting, but he played on one of my favorite Weezer songs, Island in the Sun.


The label wasn't keen on the wedding music video above and director Spike Jonze was called in to shoot the now famous wild animals video. By that time, Welsh was no longer with the band.

This is the song that plays in my head whenever I encounter the warmth of the sun, which can be a momentous occasion in chilly San Francisco. It reminds me to hold on to those moments when everything is perfect. They don't happen very often, but when they do, it's magical. [iTunes, Amazon]