We can't believe Apple bothered to develop a Cards app for the iPhone but hey, there are old people who still love to send and receive cards and young people who've forgotten what cards even are and they both use the iPhone. It's out in the app store now so I just sent myself a card. I'm sort of excited?

I thought it was stupid before I used it, I still think it's stupid after using it but I think... I'm probably going to use it. It's actually not that expensive! It's only 3 bucks to send a card to anywhere in the US and $5 to anywhere else in the world and it's supposed to arrive in 1-2 days. I whipped up something silly and am now impatiently waiting to get it in the mail. God, why am I even excited for this crap? I'm tingling!


There's 21 different card layouts and you can write a quick short message to your heart's desire and add a picture (one in your camera roll or snap a new shot). Cards guides you step by step to fill out the proper information (put a picture here, add a title here, sign there, etc.). The iPhone feels a little bit cramped to do all this work (there's no iPad version oddly) but whatever, it takes 2 seconds to whip up something that'll make someone feel good.

Here's the perfect scenario to use Cards: you forgot your girlfriends or moms or sisters or grandmas birthday. This is sooo much easier than doing the whole legit card thing. Ooh! Another scenario: Cards for sexting. Oh yeah, let's take it to the next level. [iTunes]

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