Did you hear that William Shatner just released Seeking Major Tom—a whole record of space-themed cover songs? Oh thank you lord of the cosmos. In honor of Mr. Shatner, here's a rendition Rocket Man from 30 years ago.

Shatner's lived a lot of life since he first stoically spoke his way through Elton John's space anthem at the 1978 Science Fiction Awards. Frankly I don't really care if he's being serious or not. Part of what I've always loved about Shatner is that his presence alone is moving. And his voice—that voice!—is heartbreaking even when he's "singing" jarringly out of time over haphazardly arranged backing tracks. Even if at the beginning I'm not sure I can survive the performance, by the end, I'm convinced that Shatner is somewhere in space, thinking of his wife. He's smoking a cigarette in the spaceship even though it's probably a bad idea, because that's what William Shatner does. That's who I want to be.

Shatner's new record is a masterpiece—only time will tell what kind of a masterpiece. [iTunes, Amazon, Spotify]