As if the Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn't big and scary and sharp toothy enough, scientists are now saying that they're EVEN BIGGER. Using 3D laser scans, scientists virtually weighed T-Rexes and found that those badass beasts weighed in 30 percent heavier than expected.

Thirty percent! That's a ton! Actually, it's more than a ton because the biggest dinosaur they weighed was the Chicago Field Museum's "Sue", which is the largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton around. That big bertha weighed in at 9 tons, which was 30 percent more than they anticipated. Weirdly though, the smallest T-Rex they weighed was actually smaller than anticipated which means that T-Rexes grew more than twice as fast between 10 and 15 years old. At a growth rate of about 11 pounds per day, I'm guessing that means they ate a lotta little dinos. [Reuters via Geekosystem,
Image Credit: Ralf Juergen Kraft/Shutterstock]