Living in the '50s must've been cool (aside from the racism and constant gnawing fear of nuclear annihilation)—I mean just look at all these cool atomic-themed toys to play with! Our friends at Oobject have assembled the 12 best.
When you're done finding ways to make your kids glow in the dark, check out these nuke-powered transports, nuke-powered clocks and nuke-powered retro bomb shelters.

1947 Lone Ranger Atomic Bomb Ring

Atomic Bomb Game


Atomic Fireball Candy

Atomic Reactor with Battery


Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab (ca 1950)

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bomb Models


Model Nuclear Tipped Missile for Travelling Salesmen

Not for kids, but still a toy and perhaps the original suitcase nuke. Why on earth would this in the type of case that a door to door salesman would use?


Safe, Harmless, Giant Atomic Bomb

Toy Geiger Counter (ca. 1950)


Toy Nuclear Power Station

Toy Polaris Nuclear Weapon Submarine


Uranium Rush Board Game (ca. 1955)