Facebook: It looks pretty much like the same Facebook iPad app that was previewed in July which means there's a familiar (for those who use the iPad) left-hand column for simple navigation of the News Feed, Photos, Messages, Groups, Apps, Settings, Chat and more. Facebook Photos on the iPad look especially good (something Facebook has trouble with on their website) because they go full screen and can be zoomed in and swiped. Facebook games can also be played full screen and the iPad app supports AirPlay for Facebook videos as well

If you want to see all the apps on one page click here.

Find My Friends: Find My Friends, Apple's your-friends-are-now-live-dots-on-a-map social network, is here. The new location service eschews boring check-ins for convenient (and creepy) continuous sharing of your location. The app keeps track of where all your friends (opt-in, obvi) are in real time, which is kind of scary yet kind of exciting at the same time. Is Sam in your neighborhood? Is Adrian across the country? Find my friends will tell you. Check out our etiquette guide on how to use Find My Friends so you don't be a creepy stalker.

Real Racing 2 HD: Real Racing 2 got a new update for iOS 5 that's actually pretty sweet: you can play the game wirelessly on your TV with AirPlay and even challenge friends to a multiplayer race with Party Play. Ah-mazing.

iTunes Movie Trailers: Movie Trailers: Apple's "iTunes Movie Trailers" app is one hell of a misnomer: it doesn't just beam down the giant library of trailers we love. The new app lets you buy tickets, find nearby theaters, and chart film releases on a calendar. I'm using this over other movie finding apps now. Free

NHL Gamecenter: Did you know hockey started? I didn't either. The season always sneaks up on me! But what doesn't sneak up on me is the NHL Gamecenter app. It's the best way to keep track of the NHL season with live scores for every game, tv listings, standings, news articles, etc. If you upgrade to the premium Gamecenter app than you'll get live radio broadcasts, video highlights and more, more videos. If you have a GameCenter Live subscription, you can watch all the hockey games on your iPad too.

KITTY!: Kitty! is an iPad app that shows off a highly detailed, 3D virtual cat that you can play with. It's not like a Tamaguchi pet though-you don't raise it-but it's pretty interactive and reacts to your touch. If you pet it, it meows happily. If you play with it, it'll be gleeful. If you poke and prod it though, the cat will get ANGRY. So I've been poking and prodding it ever since I downloaded it. $5

Contract Killers: Zombies: If you're familiar with the original Contract Killer, you play a sniper that shoots people for money in a GTA-style story. Zombies is kind of like that except you're killing ZOMBIES, you try to save all the survivors you can while blowing the head off of all the zombies possible. The app is free and non stop fun. Who doesn't like killing zombies?

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