ChatOn: BlackBerry has had BBM and now iPhone has iMessage but as cool as those two messaging clients are, they're locked into their respective islands. ChatOn is Samsung's way of creating a messaging client that ditches SMS yet holds the promise of multi-platform messaging (think WhatsApp etc.) You can group chat, share images, share videos, share music and share your location. It currently only works on Android, bada and Samsung feature phones but they're promising to launch on other platforms soon

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NHL Gamecenter: Did you know hockey started? I didn't either. The season always sneaks up on me! But what doesn't sneak up on me is the NHL Gamecenter app. It's the best way to keep track of the NHL season with live scores for every game, tv listings, standings, news articles, etc. If you upgrade to the premium Gamecenter app than you'll get live radio broadcasts, video highlights and more, more videos. If you have a GameCenter Live subscription, you can watch all the hockey games on your Android phone too.

Marvel Comics: Marvel's uncanny app is finally out on Android. The app lets you buy and read Marvel comics, from new stuff like the very awesome Spider Island to classics like the Dark Phoenix Saga. Go ahead and nerd out, because this is amazing news.

LHSee: If you ever wanted to learn more about what the Large Hadron Collider at CERN actually does, LHSee fills you in. It shows live data inside the particle accelerator in a 3D view, you can even see protons collide with one another. The 3D View, of course, isn't some live video look in of the LHC, you're looking at 3D models here, but you can rotate it around, zoom in and zoom out to get a better look or different angle at what's going on. It can get pretty wicked. LHSee also has tutorial videos, a Hunt the Higgs Boson game, explainers and more.

Hamsteria: You play as a Hamster from Outer Space who's inside a Hamster Ball of Destruction. You try to destroy as much of the 3D city as you can and dodge obstacles. There are 8 levels in the game and it's time aware so if you're playing at night, the game will reflect that. Fun, fun, fun.

Contract Killers: Zombies: If you're familiar with the original Contract Killer, you play a sniper that shoots people for money in a GTA-style story. Zombies is kind of like that except you're killing ZOMBIES, you try to save all the survivors you can while blowing the head off of all the zombies possible. The app is free and non stop fun. Who doesn't like killing zombies?

Bobsled: For T-Mobile. The Bobsled app isn't as fully capable as the browser apps in that they cannot dial out to regular phone numbers, but I was told that capability will be coming by the end of the year. In the meantime, you can make and receive Bobsled calls on your Android device. When someone calls you, all of your devices that have the app will ring at once. You answer on the one you want, then the rest of them will be automatically silenced. You can also call someone on Facebook who doesn't yet have the Bobsled app installed. They will receive a Facebook notification that you're trying to call them, and if they want to talk to you they'll be prompted to grant Bobsled some permissions, and they can then call you back

SlingPlayer: What price the luxury of watching Friends re-runs on your Android tablet? If you ask Sling Media, it's $30, which is what they're charging for the SlingPlayer app. Compatible with Honeycomb (and likely upcoming versions too), you must have a Slingbox to actually, y'know, sling TV shows to your tablet.

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