So you managed to get an iPhone 4S today. Congratulations! But once you finish having sex with it and get it all cleaned off, ask yourself: What do you really know about your new phone, in an empirical and (sort of) scientifically tested fashion? Not much, right? Giz has your back.

iPhone 4S Test Notes: App Speed

It's faster. Screens slide smoother, apps launch quicker and stuff just works better. But that shouldn't really come as a surprise-we've seen the difference between an A4 and an A5 processor before. More »


iPhone 4S Test Notes: Data Speeds (Wow, It's Slow)

The iPhone 4S is here. One of new, not-so-visible features? A re-spiffed antenna, and stuffed inside the AT&T 4S, new guts that (should) mean faster data speeds. More »


The Great iPhone 4S National Network Speed Test

You did it. You've got your brand new iPhone. Siri! The better camera! But how fast is it on your carrier's network? Push that download to the max.
Using our Official Gizmodo Download Speed Ultra Test 6500™, you can check how your mobile downloads stack up. More »


iPhone 4S Test Notes: Call Quality

Call quality has never been a strong suit of the iPhone. But ever since iPhone 4 came out on Verizon, things have gotten just a smidge better. And the iPhone 4S reaffirms that Apple's improvements have been no fluke.
We compared the iPhone 4S on ATT, Verizon and Sprint to a trio of new Android... More »


iPhone 4S Test Notes: No More Death Grip

Apple improved the antenna design in the iPhone 4S in an attempt to kill the notorious Death Grip problem in the old iPhone 4. Did it work? Yes. OH YES. More »


iPhone 4S Test Notes: Browser Benchmarks (Versus the Fastest Android Phones)

The iPhone 4S is faster than the iPhone 4. How much faster? And how much faster than its non-Apple kin? We did some benchmark bench pressing to find out. More »


iPhone 4S Test Notes: Asking Siri for Sex and Drugs

After a little while it gets boring asking Siri to text people and convert gallons to quarts. It's been a long day. I'm a little delirious. Help me, Siri. More »


iPhone 4S Test Notes: Apple Earbuds

Yep, they're still shit. [iPhone 4S on Giz] More »