Unless you travel with just the clothes on your back, you're going to be spending part of your vacation awkwardly wrangling a heavy suitcase through airports and in and out of taxis. Cursing American Tourist for their single handle designs all the while.

You'd think that by now luggage manufacturers would have realized this and provided ample places to grip, pull and tug a heavy suitcase. But they haven't. Instead, it took a Quirky inventor to come up with a third-party solution called the Lift. It's literally nothing more than an adjustable, heavy-duty, nylon t-strap that wraps around a suitcase. But what makes it awesome is the inclusion of extra handles located all over the strap, making the whole kit and caboodle easier to lift. It attaches with plastic seatbelt-like buckles so you can easily pop it off for inevitable luggage inspections, and is currently available for pre-sale on Quirky for just $24. [Lift via Fancy]