Dukha home, Mongolia, 2007

A building in Inuit West, Greenland, 2009

A woman on a motorcycle in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, 2007

A young girl in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, 2007

Kola Sami Sleighs, Russia, 2006

A Kola Sami baby, Russia, 2006

Nenets man aiming his gun, Russia, 2005

A man being pulled by a pack of moose, Nenets, Russia, 2005

A Kazakh man and a vulture, Altai Mountains, Mongolia, 2004

A fox in the Sami community, Finland, 2001

Phone in a Sami home, Finland, 2001

Photo credit: Jeroen Toirkens, NomadsLife courtesy of Lux Photo Gallery