I'm young and dumb and partake in all kinds of illicit activities. It's part of growing up, right? But after seeing these pictures of what happens to a normal person if they kept living an unhealthy lifestyle? I'm now scared for my future.

Anna Magee, a writer for Marie Claire and Daily Mail, worked with Auriole Prince, a forensic artist that can 'show' a person's age progression by using key information about that person's lifestyle, to come up with different scenarios to illustrate the reality of living unhealthily. Magee gave her picture at 42-years-old to Prince and told her to put it 10 years in the future if she kept on drinking two wine glasses a day, smoking a pack a day and eating a diet high in sugar and carbs. It's, um, pretty fucking scary.

We obviously 'know' smoking, drinking and eating too much is bad for you but seeing it visualized (albeit, digitally) makes the fear a little more real. Or the real a little more fearful. Either way, read Magee's report over at the Anna Magee's blog to see why this happens and what you need to do. [Anna Magee via Daily Mail]

Smoking a pack a day for 10 years. Her color has been sucked out of her.


Magee wrote that she was most horrified about this bloated picture (eating a poor diet) and I agree with her.

And this is what Magee would like if she maintained a healthy lifestyle. Beautifully natural. Naturally beautiful.