Animoog: IMoog has packed that legendary sound into the seriously fun Animoog iPad app. It jams all of its analog cousin's wizardry into an iPad synth that's as intuitive and satisfying to play as the original. The layout is configured much how you'd imagine it-the piano keys are laid out along the bottom on the iPad's screen. Two of the synth's modules-a delay module for example-are visible at any given time. You can adjust settings like speed and frequency. And so much more. $1

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My Secret Folder: My Secret Folder's icon looks like an iOS Folder (that's because its designed exactly the same) but what it actually is, is a private, passcode enabled app that stores pictures, movies, notes, contacts and a bunch of things you don't want people to accidentally stumble upon. It even has a porn mode browser! But probably best of all is if someone accidentally opened the app and entered the wrong passcode, the app will snap a picture of the culprit, tag a location to the incident and keep it on file for when you return. $1

Instapaper: The iPad app's interface has been redesigned into an attractive, easy-to-navigate grid layout. Thanks to iOS 5, Instapaper now also supports hardware brightness control so you can adjust the LCD brightness inside the app. Nearly every section of the app has been cosmetically or functionally reworked for an overall cleaner, easier-to-use design. $5

TIME Populist: Lists on lists on lists on lists! It's an iPad app that's filled with countless "best of" and "worst of" lists that TIME pushes out every so often. So the best movies, books, TV shows, music and more. It's a pop culture haven. Free

NHL Gamecenter: Did you know hockey started? I didn't either. The season always sneaks up on me! But what doesn't sneak up on me is the NHL Gamecenter app. It's the best way to keep track of the NHL season with live scores for every game, tv listings, standings, news articles, etc. If you upgrade to the premium Gamecenter app than you'll get live radio broadcasts, video highlights and more, more videos. If you have a GameCenter Live subscription, you can watch all the hockey games on your iPad too.

Whale Trail: You play a flying whale that dodges storm clouds and collect bubbles. It's as addicting as Tiny Wings and maybe, possibly even better looking. The game is GORGEOUSLY cute. Try it out for a buck.

SOA Gear: Beginning with the new Sons of Anarchy episode on November 1st, the SOA Gear App will sync up with live broadcasts to bring you bonus content and swag to the iPad on your lap. When, say, Gemma Morrow struts onto the screen wearing an especially revealing tank, the app will present you with the chance to buy the necklace that's dangling in her cleavage. We haven't seen a full list of the 120 items that wil be for sale, but we do know that it will be a mixture of SOA branded gear and non-branded item

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