Iris: Iris, which was amazingly completed in 8 hours by Android dev Narayan Babu and his team at Dexetra, is a heckuva more conversational. It understands the questions you ask by voice and then spits out answers back at you. It's not always accurate (neither is Siri) but it's only in alpha and has a pretty good sense of humor about itself. You can have a general conversation with Iris or ask her questions about science, history, culture and more.

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NHL Gamecenter: Did you know hockey started? I didn't either. The season always sneaks up on me! But what doesn't sneak up on me is the NHL Gamecenter app. It's the best way to keep track of the NHL season with live scores for every game, tv listings, standings, news articles, etc. If you upgrade to the premium Gamecenter app than you'll get live radio broadcasts, video highlights and more, more videos. If you have a GameCenter Live subscription, you can watch all the hockey games on your Android phone too.

Espier Launcher: It's a launcher that mimics the iOS home screen. Like, completely. Icons are designed like iOS, there's the four icon dock, folders can be set up like iOS and well, the entire damn thing looks like an iPhone! And the best part: it's an Android phone! The iPhone home screen is obviously nothing more than an app launcher but but Espier doesn't stop at just copying iOS, it one ups the interface by giving you some gesture controls: sliding your finger up will show you the task bar to kill apps and sliding the task bar to the left (by moving your finger towards the right) will you show you various settings like Wi-Fi, etc.

Opera with Turbo: It is the marriage of Opera's Mobile and Mini browsers. When you're on wi-fi, or when your mobile connection is blazing, it will render pages directly on the device. But when the connection is crap, Turbo mode will automatically kick in and will render pages on its own servers and spit out a more static page free of HTML, CSS and Javascript, which cuts down on file sizes.

RPG Alphadia: A super old school, Japanese-styled RPG Kotaku says, "This is the bare essence of the Japanese turn-based RPGs of our youth, brought back to life but functioning only at the most basic level. The developers did try to mix things up by assigning one of six elements to each playable character and establishing a hierarchy of those elements so someone with say, a fire affinity would be weak against an enemy aligned with water, but I've spent several hours playing now and have never had to use one of those fancy powers my characters have learned through leveling. Just tap the 'Auto' button and watch the little bastards get to work." $4

Netflix: Finally some good news from Netflix, which has been having a sub-awesome couple of months. Their Android app has been upgraded to support 3.x devices, which should mean sweet streaming video for you Honeycomb tablet at long last.

Doodle Physics: A physics-based game where you draw shapes to get a ball to hit a target. You can draw liks big balls and squares or even get super creative with a kicking leg. The physics are extremely accurate, stuff has weight and it moves according to how it looks. Fun little game for $1.33

My Car Salon: A time management game that lets you pretend you take control of an auto repair shop. You have to keep track of all the cars that come into your shop and upgrade whatever you can to streamline the process. Free

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