Halloween is just about here, but that doesn't mean you have to wait a week to go ghost hunting. Those things scare the shit out of people year round. That's why we've picked six essential tools to help you prove they exist.

EMF Meter

The common belief amongst ghost hunting experts is that ghosts emit an electromagnetic field. How do they know? Those equipped with an EMF meter frequently report a rise in levels when they believe they see a ghost. Then again, electromagnetic fields have also been said to cause hallucinations. In either case, the Trifield 100XE model will not only measure EMF, but also radio- and microwaves. $130


Parabolic Microphone

Gathering sensory evidence is arguably the biggest priority whilst ghost hunting. People aren't going to trust secondary readings and personal accounts without something a bit more, ummm….objective, to latch onto. Record the audio of the environment around you with an ultra sensitive parabolic microphone, because who knows what sorts of weird things might happen when you're in a paranormal hot zone. They're expensive, yes, but nobody said becoming legend would be cheap. $1100


Infrared Thermometer


People who say they've encountered ghosts always yammer on about a feeling of coldness in their presence. Having a thermometer around to measure dips in temperature can help provide at least some empirical evidence in support of your ghost sighting, thin as it may be. $85

Ghost Box

EVP is a term that frequently comes up amongst ghost hunters, founded around the idea that voices are being transmitted through electronic bits and radio frequencies. Paranormal enthusiasts believe that ghosts, who might also give off electromagnetic radiation, can communicate through these means. So what do you know, some electronically inclined fanatics began tweaking AM radios with the idea that we could initiate two-way communications with ghosts. Whoa. $80


Full Spectrum Camcorder

Ghosts are hard to spot with the naked eye. Apparently however, ghosts are more visible in the infrared and ultraviolet visible light spectrums. Equip yourself with a 1080p video camera capable of capturing both of these frequency ranges and you won't be kicking yourself for missing your big photo opp. $260


Holy Water

You're hunting ghosts. Weird shit might happen. People in the movies tend to turn to the holy water. Not saying it will work, but you know, it doesn't hurt to try. $13


Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Michal Bednarek