Apps make the iPhone shine. And you want your new (or even old) iPhone to shine, right? Here are the best iPhone apps this week! It's a solid list.

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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nations: Modern Combat 3 is a beyond awesome first person shooter game for your iOS device. There's 13 missions that take you from LA to Pakistan, a good story to the app and various type of gameplay modes too (escort, destroy, helicopter, etc.) There's even a robust multiplayer feature with games like capture the flag, destruction and other games to battle it out with 12 players. It's like Call of Duty but for your phone. $7

The Amazing Typewriter: It's an app that re-creates the feel of typing on an antique typewriter. You can reposition the carriage anywhere on screen and stamp over the misaligned and grungy characters you've already typed. Adding to the old-timey effect is the use of a simulated, highly-textured mimeograph card stock which makes your notes, emails, musings and manifestos look like they're up for appraisal on The Antiques Roadshow. Your works can be published to an online gallery that's also accessible through the app, letting you download and annotate other user's creation. $2

Shoebox: Shoebox makes the steps to digitizing all your printed photos really easy. You just use the iPhone camera to take a picture of your old picture, crop the pic with their slick crop tool, tag it and share with all your friends just like you would an Instagram. Your new digital picture looks exactly like the print picture and you get all the cool new snazzy social sharing options. Free

Jets: It's a very slick and very well-designed app that tells you what kind of aircraft your flight will be using and what the best seats are on your flight. Think of it like a seating chart for planes. It's really lovely, the seats are color coded (blue for standard, green for good, yellow for okay and red for bad) so quality seats are easily identifiable and the interface takes some visual cues from airports and airlines (the search bar is like an old school flight board) so it's a beaut to use. $3

The Rating Game: Are you in the mood to have your face judged by a somewhat-busted Playboy playmate? Would you like to do so without having to find and approach her? Perfect! The Rating Game lets you do just that. It's simple-use your iPhone's camera to snap your mug, let Hope "judge it" (random number generator), and then you get "a composite photo of you, Hope, and the rating that can be instantly shared on Facebook, Twitter, or by email." $1

Wall of Sound: If you're into fun ways to discover new music, Wall of Sound makes the experience a lot prettier. You're presented with a seemingly never ending screen of album art, tap on it and then you can preview songs to see if you want to purchase it..

Zombie Tools: Just in case you need to survive the Zombie apocalypse, Zombie Tools turns your iPhone into a one stop shop for zombie fighting tools. Seriously, Kotaku says: "you get a stylized clock interface, weather report customized to your location, a handy-dandy map tool and a "survival journal" full of last-resort advice (like sewing together your own flesh). What's new is a clever motion detector, which rings out an alarm whenever the iPhone is moved, and a signal light that is bright enough to light your path to the door if you forgot to leave the porchlight on. It can also be programmed to flash out Morse code messages."

The Creeps: A tower defense game that's as addicting as any tower defense game but might be better than the other tower defense games because it packs itself with a little more personality. Super fun and free for Halloween with a load of levels. Free

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