Jeannie: Another voice control app for Android that can actually hold a Siri-esque conversation with you. You can send emails, play music, search the web, set alarms, hear jokes, find news and more with Jeannie. There's a ton of features here, Lifehacker says that you can, "control apps, start and stop music or video playback, read a poem to you, translate text or words to or from Spanish, control your phone's volume, Bluetooth state, and Wi-Fi radio all by voice."

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Burn the City: This game is pretty hilarious. You control a gigantic dragon who just spits fire to "burn a city". The graphics are cute and it's a physics puzzle action game that'll amuse your Angry Birds loving gamer self. Fire, dragons and destruction. What more can you ask for?

Winamp: Ah, Winamp. The good ol' days of music playing awesomesauce. Now, Winamp for Android (which has been available for some time) is updated to wirelessly sync their music and videos with the Mac. There's also an MP3 of the day and a premium version with even more features.

Drunk Man: We've all been there. Too drunk to walk. Possibly too drunk to be alive. Whatever. Drunk Man is an Android game where you control a super drunk guy to walk straight. If he leans left, tap right. if he leans right, tap left. Harder than you think!

Pigs in Trees: If you're familiar with Flight Control, Pigs in Trees is sort of like that. It's not quite a time management game but there is some faint similarities. In Pigs in Trees you control a pig in a plane and defend your home tree by attacking any invading enemies. You just draw a line to the enemy and go battle. WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE. Free

Stardash: It's like old school Mario where you run, jump, jump to stomp, collect coins and re-live your favorite early childhood games. It's 2D, you only move left to right but it's awesomely retro with graphics to boot. It's like if someone put the early Mario games through a Sepia background. There's 40 levels with 4 unlockable temples. Classic at its finest. $2

Mobo Task Killer: If you want to have control over your Android phone, Mobo Task Killer does everything you'd want without being too overwhelming. There's an auto-optimize feature that optimizes your phone's memory, one click optimization to free up memory, a memory meter to show where your phone's memory is currently at, a task killer and a lot more. It kills tasks. And it's actually pretty to look at too.

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