You know that amazing Halloween costume you've been crafting for the past month? I'm sorry you wasted all that time because this Pure Smoke illusion—that magically conjures up puffs of vapor from your bare hands—has easily got you beat.

The smoke that's produced comes from an emitter tucked away just inside your sleeve, which is fed by a hose connected to an apparatus hidden somewhere on your person. While the effect has the appearance of water vapor, the puffs actually come from a cartridge made of a non-corrosive chemical that's just as safe. The $147 kit comes with eleven of these special cartridges that are good for producing over 850 puffs of white smoke, and they'll soon be available in red, blue, green and even black versions for even more drama. The effect, which would make pulling your phone out of your pocket remarkably more dramatic, can be repeated again and again without having to wait for it to reset. And if your friends are convinced that they've figured out where the smoke is coming from, the kit also includes a velcro hookup allowing you to pull up your sleeves and show them there's nothing hidden up there but magic. [Pure Smoke via The Green Head]