It's Halloween. Do you have your decorations ready for all the trick-or-treaters? If not, you can still pick up some last-minute accessories to make your house extra-extra-creepy this year. Here are seven creeptastic tools to help.

Strobe Light

Want a cheap way to catch people off guard? Overload their senses with a strobe light. They'll be disoriented by the flashing, they won't even notice you creeping up on them in a werewolf suit. It's guaranteed to make any Halloween scene 5x scarier. $10


Fog Machine

What goes perfectly with a strobe light? FOG. If you want to create the ultimate horror camouflage, pipe in a bunch of fog in front of your door and the little ones won't know if they got a bite-sized candy bar or a bit-off hand in their bag $35


Pumpkin Gutter Drillbit and Jack-o-Lantern Dremel Kit


Jack-o-Lanterns can be scary too. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?! But you'll need the proper tools to make any headway on your project. The first thing you'll need to do is be able to clean out a large pumpkin in a hurry. That's why some demented soul created this drill bit made exclusively for getting all the pumpkin guts detached from its insides. When you're furiously gripping a spoon trying to get that stringy mess out of your pumpkin, you'll wish you had this.$12

Once you've hollowed out your pumpkin, you're ready to detail. But a plain old knife isn't enough for the masterpiece you want to create. For the nuanced, detailed designs floating around in your head, you want a Dremel. With its specially-made pumpkin drill bit, you can etch on the face of the pumpkin without putting a hole through it, creating that cool glow effect.$25


Spooky Doorbell

Know how half the fear factor in scary movies is derived from the soundtrack? The same applies to your haunted front porch. Install a doorbell which adds spooky sounds and effects to the chime, making any trick-or-treater rue the day they set foot on your property. $8


Vomiting Zombie Barrel

Zombies are pretty terrifying on their own. But vomiting zombies are even more nightmarish because if any of that airborne fluid gets on you, you could be infected and become one of the undead yourself. $3200

Animatronic Axe Killer Door

Like the vomiting zombie, this is a pricey toy to splurge on for some Halloween lulz. But imagine the years of emotional damage you can dole out to a four-year-old dressed up as a bumble bee just trying to get another Reese's peanut butter cup. They'll never be the same again. $3500