Apple's Soho store is currently undergoing renovations which presumably means they'll be replacing old glass with new glass. Yawn. As slick as Apple stores can be, I'm over it. I want something like Apple's Covent Garden store in London. Something like this new temporary store in Soho.

Exposed brick. Exposed HVACs. It's raw, rustic and real. It may be a trip down bizarro world for some—where's the glass staircase? The flawless walls?—but I'm in love with this temporary location, there's texture to the technology. I don't want a fantasy land of glass, metal and white, I want character, personality and a bit of old world charm.

This new temporary shop in Soho is only "a few minutes away" from their original location but it's a world apart in terms of style and feel. I'm actually interested in what the walls of the temporary store would say. I wouldn't mind if more Apple stores looked like this. Would you? [Racked via MacRumors]