So Top Chef's coming back tonight, and that means food drama, food crying, and food cutting—with knives. We like knives, and we figure you're probably not strongly anti-knife yourself. So here are some great knives that we'd like to slice stuff with.

Shun Classic: Chef's Knife 6"

Your basic 6" chef's knife, but with 33 layers of high-carbon "super steel." It's balanced, dishwasher-durable, and not so ĂĽber-expensive to make it prohibitive. $125. [Chef's Arsenal]


Maruyoshi Custom Damascus Santoku Knife

Yes, performance and durability are paramount in a knife, but you also want something beautiful. Bare minimalism is one way to go, but this ornate Damascus stainless steel knife is gorgeous enough to ditch the industrial streak. $470. [Maruyoshi]


WĂĽsthof Seven-Inch

This piece of high-carbon pretty is made by one of Germany's oldest companies. It's well balanced, and its blade is very thin, making it a good slicing knife. $115. [WĂĽsthof]


Herders Table Knife

Okay, so this one isn't based on anything but a love of goofy and non-sequitorial design, but this Herders table knife from the '30s is so nonsensical and adorable that it's absolutely worth the $5 it'll set you back. [World Knives]


Stelton Pure Black Knives

These Batman ninja knives are made from a single piece of steel, and which makes them easy to clean, and the black coating provides a good grip, despite the not-so-ergonomic design. But mostly they're just a damn pretty sight to keep in your kitchen. $120. [Stelton]


Image credit: Laralova/Shutterstock