It's November. Welcome to the most stressful part of the year. The weather is getting crappy, the holidays are approaching, and the relaxed pace of the summer months is quickly fading into the drudgery of actually doing work. Here are a few tools to keep you from snapping and strangling the Whole Foods cashier.

You know why you're stressed: You've got too much to do, you're exhausted, no one in your life is cooperative, finances are tight, Kim Kardashian couldn't find true love so what chance have you got. Gadgets won't solve your problems, sure, but they can go a long way towards calming those jangled nerves.

Phillips Wake-Up Light

The worst part of a stressful day is waking up knowing you have to face it. The Philips Wake-Up Light makes the process of early rising easier. It gradually increases in brightness as it approaches the time you've set it for. Because honestly, your day is brutal enough without kicking it off with a shrieking alarm. $150


Everlast Everflex Sparring Partner

Tape pictures of your boss, frienemy, political adversary, whoever, to this human-shaped punching bag. Your family and friends are so annoying. Bam! Your co-workers are equally annoying but also evil. Pow! You'll feel better, and won't end up with an assault charge. $300 [Everlast]


A Nice Warm Pair of Socks

You know what's stressful? Walking around all day not being able to feel your feet. It starts around now, and only gets worse for the next four months or so. Keep those freezing little toesies warm, then, in some Icebreaker Merino wool socks. There's comfort in knowing that at least one part of your body is taken care of. $21


Organization App

The only thing more stressful than staring at a long To Do list is the realization that you don't have a list and have forgotten all the things you were supposed to do. It doesn't really matter what you do to get organized—just do it—but your phone is as good a way as any. Remember the Milk is an app that's been helping people keep their blood pressure in check for years. Free


iBedoo Stuffed Animal

iBedoo stuffed animals are cuddly little friends for children that have been outfitted with tiny speakers so you can plug a phone or an iPod Nano in. When the stress gets so bad that you feel like you're going to have a public episode in a strip mall parking lot, find a quiet moment and take five minutes in the back seat spooning this little guy while listening to Enya. It's not weird, it's necessary. Okay, it's a little weird. $31


Panasonic EP-MS40 Massage Chair

This massage recliner from Panasonic will knead and tap the tension and pain out of your whole body. Plus, unlike other massagers, it doesn't look like some horrible executioner's chair—you don't need an eyesore stressing you out on top of everything else. $2500


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