John Theriault—vicepresident of Apple's Gestapoarian Global Security services—has "stepped down." Theriault was under the command of Bruce Sewell, who is Apple's General Counsel Senior Vicepresident. Sewell used to report directly to Steve Jobs.

Jobs' Gestapo chief was a special agent in the FBI. He joined Apple in 2007 after a decade working as the Chief of Security at pharmaceutical company Pfizer. At Apple he oversaw all of its security, from anti-counterfeit operations to the not-so-secret internal police force that controls Apple's own employees, the infamous World Wide Loyalty Team. We originally reported about the World Wide Loyalty Team in 2009.

Theriault has resigned now, after the lost iPhone 4S prototype case and the search that followed.


After an employee lost the iPhone prototype last August, three Apple security bullies allegedly flashed "badges" to get into the house of Sergio Calderon. Apple's goons thought that Calderon was connected to the case, so they searched the house while San Francisco Police agents waited outside.

The scandal that followed may have been the last nail in Theriault's coffin. Previously to that, Apple's security thugs also tried to enter into the house of the person who found the lost iPhone 4 prototype at Gourmet Haus Staudt, a biergarden in Redwood City, California.


That iPhone prototype was lost by Apple's engineer Gray Powell. The finder's roommate refused the entry to the Apple's agents.


While Apple has not made any statement about Theriault leaving Apple, the connection with these two fiascos seems too obvious. [9 to 5 Mac]