Apps make the iPhone shine. And you want your new (or even old) iPhone to shine, right? Here are the best iPhone apps this week! It's a solid list.

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Oink: Instead of rating places, like you would for Yelp, Oink lets you rate the things inside those places. So if you go to a top rated restaurant but have no idea what to order, Oink will show you the top rated dish on the menu. It could be very, very useful if it picks up enough users (a la Yelp). It's like a step beyond the typical restaurant rating, location based review services. Free

Gmail: This new Gmail app for iOS is such a tragedy I don't even know why it exists. But it's Gmail, so it's notable. First, we can't call it an app. It's only an 'app' because we can download it from the App Store. Gmail for iOS is nothing more than a worse version of their web app wrapped in a new icon. It's a slower, buggier, uglier web app. When the app comes back, there'll be push notifications, a slick iOS Facebook-style hidden column and full search.

Square Card Case: With the Square Card Case app, you don't have to pull out your wallet or your phone to pay for anything—you pay invisibly. It's like being a 'regular' and having a tab somewhere. Walk in, grab your stuff, walk out. How does it work? Cleverly, with GPS. The Square Card Case app automatically establishes a connection with their approved merchant once you're within 100 feet of the merchant's business (user opt-in, of course). Once you purchase your things, you just tell the merchant your name and they'll charge your account tied to the Square Card Case.

Eye-C Taglist: Eye-C for Android and iPhone lets users from both platforms send music automagically to AirPlay. If you're on Android, that's ah-mazing. If you're on the iPhone (or I guess on Android too), you'd use Eye-C to create shareable "Taglists" out of music, photos, and videos on SoundCloud, YouTube, Picasa, Facebook, or their own music libraries to send to Airplay.

Cut the Birds: Kotaku says It's Angry Birds remixed with Cut the Fruit as in it's the gameplay of Fruit Ninja but instead of cutting fruit, you're cutting the birds from Angry Birds. Hilarious. I was so over both of these games but then combined like this? I can go all day.

The Eatery: It's a really pretty way to keep track of the food you eat. And yes, other people have made this sort of "take a picture of your food and rate it" but The Eatery does it in a much more elegant way. It doesn't focus on counting calories but it makes you more conscious of what you're eating, in hopes that you'll cut down if you've eaten too much junk. Try it out, it's as pretty an app as they come by.

Russian Dancing: It's a rhythm game for your iPhone. Kotaku says, "In the game you are given four virtual buttons to press to navigate one of four obstacles. Press them in time and you get through the obstacle intact. Press them perfectly in time and you get a points bonus. As you progress through the board, you'll add dancing men to your line, which stand for "lives," or the errors you can make encountering obstacles. When you get to the end of your line and miss the correct maneuver, the show is over." $2

Red Karoake: Available for iOS and Android devices, Red Karaoke operates as a karaoke machine-auto-scrolling lyrics while playing the instrumental track-and features over 45,000 songs. It also allows users to record their singing via the front-facing camera, share their recordings on Facebook and Twitter, and even includes an auto-tune-like pitch correction feature.

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