Aquaria: Aquaria, the popular computer game, is now available on the iPad. You control the character in a magical underwater world by touch and use her singing ability to create music, affect creatures, move pieces and transform her. The app is impressive to play and gorgeous to look at. $5

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Codify: It's an app for writing software. Which, if you're like me, sounds incredibly boring. But! Codify makes it cool because you can actually test the programs you've written by running it inside the app. Codify uses Lua as its programming language, which is rather simple and perfect for the iPad because it doesn't rely too much on symbols. The app includes a lot of example programs (such as games and stuff) so you can learn or crib off of them to build your app. There's also intelligent auto complete, complete in-line reference documentation, sound effects and more. It's very probably the best looking code editor you've ever used.

Wired App Guide: We teamed up with our friends at Wired to put some order to the sprawling madness of apps. The App Guide is available on newsstands,, and of course, as an iPad edition. Inside we've boiled the hundreds of thousands of available apps to the 400 best-including everything from time-burning games to productivity-improving tools. You're welcome. NMA, the absolutely weird and wacky animation group that whips up those hilariously ridiculous videos about any 'news' event, has released an iPad app. isn't exactly full featured, it just serves as a one stop collection of all their wacky vids on YouTube. Which is fine! NMA pumps out so many of these news commentary videos so fast that it's hard to keep up with what's new, having it all together in their iPad app let's you easily follow their twisted and hilarious sense of the news. Free

World War II Interactive: It's an entire app dedicated to the history of the most horrifically horrendous war of our time, World War II. You can follow the entire timeline of events, from what caused World War II to the Aftermath and everything in between. What's especially great about World War II Interactive is that the app provides you with rare pictures and videos you've probably never seen before (unless of course, you're a big WWII buff). It's a little unsettling to see images of young men at a war with each other and more than a little disturbing to see Hitler making speeches on video. $5

Gmail: This new Gmail app for iOS is such a tragedy I don't even know why it exists. But it's Gmail, so it's notable. First, we can't call it an app. It's only an 'app' because we can download it from the App Store. Gmail for iOS is nothing more than a worse version of their web app wrapped in a new icon. It's a slower, buggier, uglier web app. When the app comes back, there'll be push notifications, a slick iOS Facebook-style hidden column and full search.

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