Eye-C Taglist: Eye-C for Android and iPhone lets users from both platforms send music automagically to AirPlay. If you're on Android, that's ah-mazing. You can use Eye-C to create shareable "Taglists" out of music, photos, and videos on SoundCloud, YouTube, Picasa, Facebook, or their own music libraries to send to Airplay capable devices. Who says you're always locked out of Apple's walled garden?

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Volume Rocker: It's a really easy way to manage various ringer profiles and settings on your Android phone. You can tweak each individual ringer setting to your liking: like vibrate calls and alert SMS messages and blast alarm rings. Or put system sounds at a third of the volume. It's all very customizable to your preference and super easy to switch from one to the other. A neat tool to have in your pocket.

Lapse It: It's a time lapse camera that makes it dead easy to capture time lapse videos with your Android phone. What's cool, if it's your cup of tea, is that you can add camera effects to your time-lapse videos too. Other than that, you basically set what sort of interval you want to take pictures at and Lapse It will export the video in all its amazingness.

Square Card Case: With the Square Card Case app, you don't have to pull out your wallet or your phone to pay for anything—you pay invisibly. It's like being a 'regular' and having a tab somewhere. Walk in, grab your stuff, walk out. How does it work? Cleverly, with GPS. The Square Card Case app automatically establishes a connection with their approved merchant once you're within 100 feet of the merchant's business (user opt-in, of course). Once you purchase your things, you just tell the merchant your name and they'll charge your account tied to the Square Card Case.

Red Karoake: Available for iOS and Android devices, Red Karaoke operates as a karaoke machine-auto-scrolling lyrics while playing the instrumental track-and features over 45,000 songs. It also allows users to record their singing via the front-facing camera, share their recordings on Facebook and Twitter, and even includes an auto-tune-like pitch correction feature.

Driver San Francisco: It's a middling cartoon-ish driving game that does just enough but doesn't really hang with the heavy hitters of the genre like Need for Speed and others. Still, I appreciate the bright nature of the graphics and it makes me feel like I'm back playing arcade games but on my phone.

Google Offers: Since Google didn't buy Groupon, they started their own Google Offers deals website. I actually like it! Google Offers is limited in the cities that it supports but I've consistently found pretty good deals. The app lets you buy and redeem all those offers. Check if your city is supported and start spending to save or something like that.

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