It's starting to get cold out, but you probably know that. And we already showed you how to safely keep your house warm, but gadgets can also help. We got seven that will keep you toasty through the cold season.

Dyson Hot Space Heater

Space heaters? What is this, 1940? Admittedly, space heaters don't conjure up images of innovation. But some of us live in domiciles lacking central heating, and James Dyson had that in mind when he developed a beautiful, technology-loaded space heater. Puffing out streams of heat without exposing a single element that would burn your hands, the Dyson Hot will keep you nice and toasty.$400

Columba Circuit Breaker Jacket

You may feel like an asshole while wearing the Columbia Electro Amp jacket, what with its blinking red light and all. But guess what, when that blizzard hits and your friends and colleagues arrive at their destinations showing signs of hypothermia, you'll be glad you're wearing a jacket with a USB-charged electric heater built into its lining. $850

Zippo Hand Warmer

You might be a bit wary of anything that generates a flame to keep you warm, but you'll be rethinking that when it's ten degrees out and you can't feel a damn thing. Zippo's hand warmer can generate ten times more heat than most other hand warmers and will get you through 12 hours of icy conditions. $15

USB Heated Mousepad

The company you work for is run by a miser who doesn't believe in heaters. As such, you wear more layers in the office than you do outside it. You need all the help you can get. Thanko's mousepad, from which heat emanates via USB power, isn't quite as wacky as it seems anymore. $40

Heated Footpad

But warmth for one hand isn't enough. Toss a heated pad under your feet while your work an feel that warmth move its way up through your feet and into your body. Just don't tell the boss you're rackin up dollars on the power bill.$40

Heated Mattress Pad

When you're sleeping, you don't need your entire room to feel like the surface of the sun. A warm bed will do just fine. A heated mattress pad, which plugs into the wall to gather its heat, can provide a constant source of warmth while you sleep without wasting unneeded energy toasting an entire room for no reason. ~$100

Radiator Booster

A lot of heat gets trapped between radiators and the walls they sit against. Energy is wasted providing more heat to keep your house warm. $140 a year, apparently. The Radiator Booster will sit on top of your radiator and suck that trapped air out from that netherworld, and circulate it back into the rest of your house, keeping things humming along in a warm and efficient manner. $40

Image via Kamilpetran/Shutterstock