Apps make the iPhone shine. And you want your new (or even old) iPhone to shine, right? Here are the best iPhone apps this week! It's a solid list.

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Air Cassette: It's a music player for your iPhone that transforms CoverFlow and iTunes and mp3s into a faux cassette player. Which is to say, it's awesomely nostalgic. Instead of showing something like album art when a song is playing, you get a neat cassette tape image complete with spinning reels when the song plays. The artist and song title are scribbled on the tape, the list of songs, artists and albums look like the cassette case. You can set up a queue of songs you want to hear next, share music and get this, make a mixtape (ha). $2

Astrid To-Do: It's a task manager. And yes, task managers are snooze inducing and rip your eyeballs out boring but they have a place in our go go go world. Astrid on the iPhone is just like the Android app-even down to the looks-which means you can create tasks, priority levels, integrate with Google Calendar, sync with Google Tasks and set up tags, alerts, periodic reminders and more. There's also notifications and you can even share tasks with other Android users across platforms. Free

Apple Store App: The Apple Store App just received a 2.0 update that introduces the previously rumored "in-store pickups" and EasyPay. EasyPay is especially cool, it's like Apple's self-checkout. system on your iPhone Just grab certain accessories, scan it with the Apple Store app and you've bought the item. Easy peasy.

Cyborg Vision: Cyborg Vision is an augmented reality app that recognizes your Facebook friends' faces and overlays their information like Terminator. Just point the camera of your iPhone or iPad to the person and the program will recognize their face, linking it to your friend's Facebook profile. $1

Battery Sense by Philips: Improve your battery with an app! Sort of. The app provides detailed reports on how long your device will keep running given its current charge level and how you intend to use it. The app's main screen prominently displays the current battery charge as a percentage, with a series of buttons showing you the estimated time remaining for a variety of common activities like calls, playing audio or video, gaming, and even standby.

MSI Afterburner: The app lets you overlock your PC from your iPhone or iPad. It all works over Wi-Fi and you get to monitor the temperature, voltage and fan speed and even tweak settings to overclock your PC. Nice.

Hardest Game Ever: It's a ton o' mini games in one game. Kotaku says, "Hardest Game Ever - 0.2s is a collection of, wait for it, mini-games. In the last few years, mini-games became synonymous with casual gaming, and Hardest Game Ever - 0.2s definitely has one foot planted firmly in Casual-Land. That's not a bad thing. The mini-games consist of the likes of counting things on screen, doing addition, shooting a target, and catching eggs."

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