Gutterball: Golden Pin Bowling: A bowling game where you try to gather up as many "golden pins" as possible. Add spin and speed to your throws by perfecting touches and swipes. Kotaku says that "it looks better than it has a right to, and traps you inside an insidious grind loop that still manages to be fun." Bowling games are sort of silly, but I like that kind of silly. Free

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Cyborg Vision: Cyborg Vision is an augmented reality app that recognizes your Facebook friends' faces and overlays their information like Terminator. Just point the camera of your iPhone or iPad to the person and the program will recognize their face, linking it to your friend's Facebook profile. $1

W.E.L.D.E.R.: It's a supremely addicting word puzzle game. Instead of filling in empty spaces with letters, you're given a full slate of seemingly random letters already splayed across the board. The point of the game is to rearrange those letters into words. Score more points by connecting special letters and such. You can earn special powers along the way like Group, Reverse, Jump Swap and use blank wooden pieces too. $2

MSI Afterburner: The app lets you overlock your PC from your iPhone or iPad. It all works over Wi-Fi and you get to monitor the temperature, voltage and fan speed and even tweak settings to overclock your PC. Nice.

Battery Sense by Philips: Improve your battery with an app! Sort of. The app provides detailed reports on how long your device will keep running given its current charge level and how you intend to use it. The app's main screen prominently displays the current battery charge as a percentage, with a series of buttons showing you the estimated time remaining for a variety of common activities like calls, playing audio or video, gaming, and even standby.

Livestand: Yahoo lives! Or it's trying to stay alive. And Yahoo actually does okay in content publishing so it makes sense that they want to do a "magazine style" app for the iPad. It's like a portal to a lot of different publications. You can create your own "personal mix" to tailor the app to your tastes or just read articles, see pictures and watch videos from all over the place too. The app is elegantly designed and surprisingly fun to use. Free

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