8tracks: 8tracks has always been a great way to combine your favorite songs into a custom playlist and share it with your friends. It's now on Android. Lifehacker says, "the service allows you to create a social playlist of songs with 8 or more songs, pulled and organized from their huge database of tracks. Music reviewers like Pitchfork, Spin, and Rolling Stone contribute playlists, and the service promises a social music discovery experience that lets you discover music that real people think works together"

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Pretty Pix HD: I'm always looking to spoof up my Android phone by switching up the wallpaper. It feels like a new phone after that! PrettyPix HD is the best wallpaper finding app there is as the app's layout is deliciously clean, searching is easy and you can crop a picture anyway you like to get the perfect fit. There are over 50,000 pictures to choose from and it's so easy to go through you're going to find yourself saving a lot of them to your favorites for future use. Free [via Android Central]

SimCity Deluxe: I always wanted to be a city planner but I never knew where to start so I just played SimCity all day instead. SimCity Deluxe puts the classic city building game on your Android phone. You can play under 7 different scenarios (like setting up a World Games or building a city in a heat wave), start with 7 starter cities and plug and play 40 different landmarks to your liking. "Natural" disasters effect your city too so be alert you city builder you.

Hockey Nations 2011: Optimized for Tegra 2 devices, Hockey Nations 2011 is a stunning hockey game with graphics so detailed you won't believe you're playing on your phone. There's even reflections in the ice! The game features 18 international teams, 40 customizable city games, 6 different game modes and even the option to fight other players in-game.

Dijit/Beacon: Griffin's Beacon, which we found to be a really great universal remote solution for the iPhone, finally works on Android too. Buy the Beacon, install the Dijit app and you're on your way to controlling the TV from your phone. The Beacon is an IR blaster so it translates all the button pressing from the Dijit app (which is highly customizable) into executable actions for your TV. Also! The app allows you to set up macros or 'Activities' to perform a series of actions with just one button.

Lovefilm: It's more for UK users but the Lovefilm app lets you connect with your rental list, adjust your queue, browse through all 70,000 title, search and do all the things that film lovers do when they're searching for films (watch trailers, etc.)

Univision: Univision is the app for the TV channel and offers up news, pictures, videos and more under the Univision brand. You can dig through sports, finance, music, novelas, entertainment, etc. sections and even watch some of the saucy programming that pops up on Univision. There are full episodes and various video clips available for streaming.

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