The Kindle Fire's not even a day old, but Amazon's already pretty packed full of covers and sleeves. And with the Fire shipping today—a day early—we've rounded up some of the best to fit your particular needs.

Standard Issue

The official Amazon cover for the Kindle Fire is a simple nylon zip sleeve that comes in a few different colors. It's just as well made and low profile as you'd expect the standard issue Amazon cover to be, and also one of the cheaper options available. $30

Basic Black Cover

The standard black cover is pretty much a given for Kindles and tablets, and this one from Marware should fit your minimalist requirements. But it's also got a pocket in the back, and a built in strap to keep you from dropping it. $35

Smart Cover Imitation Cover

The guys at Apple really know how to design a cover, don't they? The Marware MicroShell Folio has a preeeetty familiar take on using a cover to fold up on itself into a stand, though it covers the back of the Fire, and obviously doesn't carry the instant-on feature. $40

Photograph Cover

Not everyone wants a plain black or solid colored cover, but it's also nice to maintain a modicum of taste instead of something with neon colors all over the place. Verso has some covers featuring The New York Times Photo Archives, like this one of the Statue of Liberty or another of the Brooklyn Bridge. $40

Fake Book Cover

Hey guys. Guys. Check out my new book. Here, look. Look inside. See that? It's not really a book—it's my Kindle Fire! Oh man, that never gets old. Actually, stuff in fake books sort of doesn't get old. $40

Suit of Armor Cover

Covers are mostly to keep everyday scratches off of your stuff, but sometimes you've got to (or just want to) use your gadgets in places and weather you have no business using gadgets. The Timbuk2 Element Jacket is like an E.T. hazmat containment unit for your Fire. $40