Jill and I went on a hike in Solstice Canyon, Malibu, CA. There was a house that burnt down many years ago and this bathtub was one of the few things that remained. So naturally I had her go in it and I filled it with leaves.

The duotone was created in Lightroom 3 and is a combination of a low saturated orange and purple.


Shot taken with:
Canon 7D
Tokina 16-55mm lens at 26mm
ISO 500
f 2.8

-Teddy Saunders


Picture of a swing set i Springfield Oregon. It was my first trip to Oregon and saw this. Originally i thought it would be a good black and white however this shooting challenge seemed to work well for the shot.

1/2 sec
ISO 320

-Tim Gamble


Taken with a Nikon D90 At Arcadia University at Grey Towers Castle. Walking up this creepy spiral staircase isn't allowed at Arcadia, but it had to be done to capture the shot. The lens used was a Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di-II LD SP Aspherical (IF) Zoom Lens.

-Pedro Leal


Sony A55
1/200 shutter
even exposure and manual focus.

I used a standard clear whiskey glass and put some beer in it so I could get a more subtle color to the liquid.

-Marvin Francois


My friend is in the last few weeks of her pregnancy and wanted to do some maternity shots we came up with the idea of hands of love pink was the choice because she is going to have a daughter.

I have a small basement studio.
I used 2 160 watt monolights set for 1/4 power one main 160 main monolight set for full power.
Canon 7D with 28-135 mm set for f.8 focal length 135 mm used light room to strip out all other colors and then smooth it out with pink.

-Jason Starr


Shot with a FujiFilm 12MP point and shoot camera. My wife and her twin sister decided to dye their hair and wanted to take some pictures, so after taking a few I decided to try the duotone tutorial and this is what I came up with.

-Aaron Knipe


This photo was taken on the night of the full moon in Radcliffe Square, Oxford, England. I have been meaning to try photographing a scene with the moon since I got my new camera, and I knew I wanted to photograph the Radcliffe Camera for the duotone challenge, so I decided to combine the two. The image is an HDR image of three photos, as the moon and the lights were very bright and overpowered the finer details of the brick work and spires. Using Photoshop with a gradient overlay, I chose a very dark purple as the shadow colour and a pale yellow as the highlight colour. The colour midpoint was set so that the midtones were more yellow than purple, as I wanted to stay somewhat true to the colours of the scene. The college with all of the spires is All Souls College, and the planet visible is Jupiter.

Canon 550d
Canon EF-S 18-55 mm lens
focal length 18mm
EV 0/-2/+2
2.5/0.6/10 s

-Jeannie Moulton


Camers-Nikon D7000
Lens-Nikon Nikkor 135mm f/3.5 AI
ISO-100, f/3.5, 1/125s

Leaving Yosemite National Park for the season my girlfriend and I stopped at Olmsted Point. It had just rained and we were trying to beat the snow over the pass. This was taken at sunset as we make our way east towards our final destination of New Orleans. Camping outside the park it snowed on us and the pass was closed with almost a foot of snow on the road.

-Chris Riggleman


I used my iPhone and used the camera+ app: black & white and then redscale

This is my first time entering a picture for Gizmodo's shooting challenge and I was actually looking forward to it! I was on my daily walk and the clouds just seemed amazing as the sun was about to set. Usually around this time there are hardly any people around so I was comfortable in my own zone taking quick snapshots at different angles. I was on this last shot when out of nowhere I felt something press up against the small of my back that made me nearly jump out of my skin! Thank goodness I didn't drop my phone, but the sight of grey-bluish Great Dane staring at me almost changed that. The owner was very apologetic but I just kept going on my walk, happy with my impromptu photo-shoot.

- Cosseth Pereira


Nikon D7000, Micro Nikkor 60mm 1/200 f/8, 1000 ISO

While I was walking in Paris, I took a closeup of a metallic plate of a scaffolding. Then I decided to turn it as a "View of the Hell" by changing the dark in red. I really enjoy this picture.

- Seb Bonaime


Well I didn't even know this contest started and yesterday we were all hanging out since Liya is moving so we took pictures of her before she left.

iPhone 4s

-Josean Rosario


Nikon D7000
24mm 2.8D Nikkor Lens

A Eugene Lang Jazz major Blasts on his brass in the back room of a smoke filled brooklyn apartment.

-Daniel Schaefer


Cloudy Spring Sunset in Campinas, Brazil.
Picture taken with a Canon 60D,
50-500mm Sigma, f/8.0, ISO 100, 1/320s, 413.0mm

- Jacomo Piccolini



- Colin Bishop


Hello, This is my entry for the shooting challenge.

I am not a photographer. I am just a reader of your blog and enjoy the new ideas and challenges you post. I took this with my phone camera which is a Motorola Milestone. I used the automatic settings. and edited in Photoshop.

This is a place near my office. I sometimes go there to play my ukulele and take a break. I recently messed up with a friend and I have been feeling sad about loosing a friendship. I decided to take this picture and call it "together forever" I just like the image of the two empty chairs in the pedestrian walk.


Thanks for your consideration. Sorry if the images are not the highest quality but it is a 5 megapixel phone camera only.

- Victor Castro


Shot with iPhone 4S, using instagram. Covington, KY

Visited some friends in Cincinnati, Ohio and went to the top of a parking deck In Covington, KY across the Ohio River to get a better view of the skyline. I snapped this photo of an upscale apartment building while friends ran around like teenager

-Brandon Shafer-Zatko


Ive been meaning to take part in these shooting challenges, so this time I made sure to give it a shot. When I first saw the challenge though I was at a loss for ideas. Then I saw the old lava lamp I had just pulled out of the closet to show my son. So I set up in our bathroom. I used a black velvet backdrop and turned all the lights off and fiddled with the settings till I got what I wanted. You should have seen the look on my wife's face when she walked in to me by myself in the dark bathroom! I took several and had it down to three shots and several color combos before I decided on this one.

This was shot with my old Canon Rebel XT with the kit lens, Tv mode, 1/100, ISO 800.

-Christopher Byrd


Camera: Samsung NX 100
Lens: Samsung 30mm Pancake Lens
ISO: 800

I went out to a forest preserve near my house around sunset with my friends, and after going through the shots, this one seemed very 'post-apocalyptic' feeling to me. When I edited the duotones in, I wanted it to feel very fiery and dirty. I think the clock hanging around the subject's neck was a very nice little touch, as if 'time ran out'. I hope you enjoy this cheesy shot! haha.

- Ryan Woodman


This is my first time trying out the shooting challenge, so here I go… I bought a persian rug(underneath guitar) while I was serving in Iraq, and have been trying to figure a use for it in a photo. What I did was, levitate my 7 string guitar over the rug to give it a shallow depth of field by sticking the neck of the guitar through my camera bag's handle. Yes my camera equipment weighs enough to anchor! I used my iPad as a soft box to light the strings, hum bucker area, and give the bridge a little contrast.
Camera: D300s
Lens: 50mm f1.8 Nikkor
Time: .5sec
ISO: 200

-Andrew Hare


My best buddy in the world died a month ago. His name was Moses. He was only 12. Moses was a big, not fat, long hair cat that I shared my life with. This little guy was born just a couple of days before Moses died. In another month, he will be coming home with me. I am thinking of naming him Monty (after Monty Python). His father is a British Short Hair and his mom is calico with Siamese heritage. He's so cute, I just want to eat him. All adjustments were done in Lightroom.

Nikon D80
f 4
ISO 200
50 MM

- Jeffery Phillips


Taken with a Sony Alpha a230 in Atlanta, GA with ISO at 100 and edited in iPhoto, GIMP, and Snapseed.

-Matthew Carr


I shot this this other day when I was setting up a booth at the "sawdust art festival." I was hanging snowflakes and leaves and decided to take a few pictures, this was my favorite one. I used the duotone tutorial given on the contest announcement. Shot on my 7d with a 28-135mm, shutter 1/200 f5.6.

- Sebastian Counts


Made: Sony
Model: SLT-a55
Aperture: f/13
Shutter Speed: 1/800
Iso: 100
Focal Length : 80mm

After Shooting some Jetski Jumps I was walking back home. and it was already Late. I saw this amazing Sunset.
But looking through the lens It appeared way BETTER than it was i real life. I did many Shots but this on was the best.

- Ruslan Alsaid