Apps make the iPhone shine. And you want your new (or even old) iPhone to shine, right? Here are the best iPhone apps this week! It's a bigger than usual list.

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IconSettings: Technically, IconSettings isn't an app but it needs to be on everyone's iPhone. IconSettings is a bookmarklet that can launch specific settings from your iPhone's home screen. You just save a pre-made bookmark to your home screen and whenever you tap it, you'll be brought straight into the setting you want. If you tap the Wi-Fi icon, it'll immediately launch the Wi-Fi settings pane on your iPhone. If you hit brightness, the brightness pane pops up. It's a quick fast method to change settings without having to jump through so many annoying loops that stock iOS makes you jump through. Free

GO: GO is an app that offers a realtime way to share what is happening to the world around you. Co-created by Jeff Staple, a life idol to many, GO is an easy-to-use and beautiful app that lets users post photos, videos and messages onto their network (no cheating with backdated photos!). What's great about GO is that it offers an anonymous option so you can feel free to post whatever you want without attaching your handle to it. Think of it like following a more coherent social network when stuff is happening (Occupy Wall Street, iPhone release, etc.), it's easy to follow and easy to contribute. News from the perspective of the people, truth from the streets. Free

NBC Sports Talk: Though basketball season might never start and baseball season is long over, football season is on and popping. NBC Sports Talk is an app that keeps track of NBC Sports' wonderful sports blog network, namely ProFootballTalk with the ahead of the curve news and incisive commentary. But you also get news about all the other sports too (baseball, basketball, college football, etc.). It's the place to be during sports' seasons.

Gmail: It's Gmail on your iPhone. Which is good because everyone uses Gmail. But it's still not great because it's not a real, full fledged app. It's a slightly more reliable version of their web app because it's always there and not in danger of Safari's refreshing. Unlike the previous version that popped up in the app store, Gmail actually works now. Gone are the stutters, the lag, the pain and disappointment of using a mediocre Gmail app and in its place is an app that comes with lower expectations but actually has some use.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition: Kotaku says: "The iPhone version is simply a Minecraft Eden, a place to build and dig. And it works fairly well. The game comes with 36 different blocks to work with, the ability to save your work on the iPhone or iPad and support for multiplayer worlds over a local Wifi connection." It's been on Android for a few months and now it's finally on the iPhone.

Home Run Battle 2: The original Home Run Battle 3D was one of my most played games on the iPhone. I loved everything about it and the sequel looks to be better than ever. You can still mash balls and compete against online chumps but there's more customization and the gameplay is updated a bit. Worth every penny, I'd say. $5

Etsy: The wonderful online store that is Etsy finally released an iPhone app so you can browse the little trinkets and knit flair that you find there. The app is elegantly designed and you can buy it straight there. If you're a seller, you can keep up with your listings and see your latest orders too. Worth it for anyone who wants to stroll the digital shelves of the vintage Etsy shop.

Appetites' Easy as Pie: The Easy as Pie app shows you how to make 19 pies, various pie toppings, and four crusts. You can follow along with the host of KCRW's Good Food, Evan Kleiman, as she demonstrates via video the ancient art of making a pie worthy of the gods.

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