Oh dear God, here come the holidays. Get your iPad ready for culinary survival, finally check your gmail with a "native" app, and you know what, let's check out Japan. If you're thinking about the holidays in Asia, Japan's pretty sweet.

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FOOD52 Holiday Recipe & Survival Guide

The holidays are a magical and extremely stressful time. Sometime the magic and stress appear at the same time. This usually happens when you realize you have to cook for a large group of people you only see three times a year. Before you throw in the towel and order 10 take-and-bake pizzas, check out the FOOD52 app. Even if you decide to pick up pre-made meals, just look at those mouth-watering photos of food. Mmmmmm food.$10


Appetites' Easy As Pie

What if all your meals were pie? No think about it. You're thinking about it aren't you. The Easy As Pie app has 19 pie recipes presented via how-to videos. With it, your pie-a-day dreams will become a reality. $5



Gmail appeared, kinda sucked, then disappeared. A few weeks later, it's back again and I guess better than ever. Frankly that's not a winning endorsement. It's still only half an app. the lack of banner notifications is odd. It only allows one account, which is weird. And it doesn't keep any messages offline. What it does have is a nice search feature. Free


Fotopedia Japan

Japan is awesome. They have robots, anime, sushi, ramen, and according to the Fast and Furious people are drifting cars all over the place. But I can't afford to hop on a plane and visit the Land of the Rising Sun. Instead I can stare at the amazing photos in this Fotopedia app. If I do save up the money to visit, the app's Trip Builder will help me plan where to go. Free