Sometimes, I think that certain products are designed to remind the owner just how rich they are at all times rather than their supposed purpose. Take this ludicrous Red Diamond bathtub, for example. It's got not one, but two waterproof HDTVs, can be controlled wirelessly via a built-in GSM module, and it's built of solid fucking gold. Oh, and to top it off it has a Swarovski-crystal-lined champagne holder.

None of these things will make taking a bath all that much better, as you can probably set up a TV outside your bathtub on your own if you really want to, and who the hell needs to turn on their tub with their cellphone? But if bathing your naked body in a solid gold bathtub doesn't make you feel like a rich sonofabitch, nothing will. And with a list price of $47,200, that's just what you'll have to be to own one. [Product Page via BornRich]