If you buy a new Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T phone contract through Amazon Wireless in the next week, Amazon will sell you almost any of those carriers' phones for a penny. (Guess which one's left out).

It's not even Black Friday yet and Amazon is turning up the heat on it's pre-holiday dealz. Turns out last week's very respectable deal on the Droid Razr was just a preview. The site's "Penny Pincher" promotion includes new hotness like the Razr and the Samsung Galaxy S II, along with dozens and dozens of other Windows Phone and Android devices. The only handset that's conspicuously absent from the deal is the iPhone, which, yeah.

Oh but there's more! If the phone has a hotspot feature and you opt-in, Amazon will throw in a $100 gift card. The deal only covers new lines of service, so you can't simply extend your contract. Don't think too long about it—the promotion's only valid through 11:59 p.m. PDT November 28, 2011. [Amazon]