It's not your fault for getting sucked into the Black Friday hoopla. How can you resist all the deals? They're just so, well, cheap. The Black FlyDay Android app hops on the find-a-deal app bandwagon with a slight difference. The deal finding doesn't stop on Friday. The app encourages users to keep sharing deals long after Black Friday has become a trampled memory.

What's it do?

BlackFly Day is a deal sharing app for Android that ties to your Facebook account. Deals in your area are displayed on a map by a fly. Get it, FlyDay? Share any deals you find to your friends using the app or to Facebook. You can populate your town's map with flys. So many deal-finding flys.

Why do we like it?

The app should help you battle grandmothers on Black Friday for $5 toasters and $100 HDTVs. But more than that, once you get a few friends onboard you can save on items all year. Insisting that the app sign into Facebook to work is a bummer. But it's really the best way to share deals with your friends. Even if your friends don't jump aboard, you can check out the deals being posted by other Black FlyDay users. Just think how jealous your friends will be when you show them the $10 off-brand Blu-ray player you scored while trolling the flea market.

Black FlyDay

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