Tonight's streaming pick is an HD injection of drugs directly into your brain. If you're sober you'll feel... not sober. If you're not sober, your skull will explode.

What's it about?

Enter the Void follows a young listless drug dealer in Tokyo after he's killed in a police raid. Not a spoiler! It happens very early in the movie. His soul floats across the city, through space and time, following the aftermath of his death.

Who's in it?

You might recognize Paz de la Huerta from Boardwalk Empire.

Why do we like it?

It's one of the most incredible looking films ever made. Don't watch it if you're prone to seizures or late night freak-outs. Don't watch it if you have sensitive eyes or ears or a weak central nervous system in general. Enter the Void is a bizarre, hypercolorful trip into a black hole of pills and psychedelics and French film and Buddhism and Japan and... a lot of things. There are strippers, there are gangsters, there are children. It's a long, wonderful, moving hallucination. It was also the inspiration and/or ripoff material for Kanye's All of the Lights video, so make of that what you will!

Enter the Void (2009), 143 minutes — Netflix

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