These magical green arms are your ticket to never spilling your delicious sauces again. Hug my sauce bags Baggy Rack, hug 'em good.

Pouring sauce into a zip-lock bag is like trying to pick up a watermelon. Both actions are prompted by our love of food and both usually end up as a mess. Then a super-genius decided to create a device that holds the bag while you pour in your delicious liquids. No word on the progress of wet-watermelon technology.


The Baggy Rack has arms that rise up to the heavens from the base to accept your liquidy bounty. Attach your zip-lock or Sou Vide bag to the adjustable arms and pour away. If you're super cheap a conservationist, you can use the Baggy Rack to dry used bags for later use.

If you like sauces, and frankly who doesn't like sauces, the Baggy Rack is a pretty sweet deal at $10. Now you just have to figure out how to keep them from rolling around in the fridge. [SousVide Supreme]

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