Tomorrow's Black Friday. In the future, Thanksgiving will be known as Black Friday Eve. Families will condition their bodies to consume large amounts of poultry and starches to keep them fueled up for door-busting madness. While we await this dystopian future you can check out our Black Friday super chart and download Price Check by Amazon app for your Android phone.

What's it do?

Make sure the door-buster price you're getting that super store is actually a good deal. Amazon is a good measure to see just how of a deal you're actually getting. Take a photo or scan the bar code, or just tell it what you're looking for and the app will search Amazon's vast inventory and return a price.

Why do we like it?

Let's face it. You already know most of the items you're getting tomorrow. This app will help you navigate those impulse buys. It quickly finds the price of products so you won't get scammed. Blurry photos were no match for the app as it quickly reminded us just how bad War of the Worlds was and that it's only worth 1¢ if you buy it used.

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