I bet you're traveling home for Thanksgiving today, aren't you? A recent report by the Department of Transportation lists the airlines which suffered the worst delays and setbacks over the last year. I hope you're not flying JetBlue or ExpressJet

Atop the list is JetBlue, reporting only 77.8 percent of flights arriving on time. The airline claims that the great East Coast Blizzards of 2010 and 2011 skewed their delay data (but it definitely didn't skew their pisspoor customer service). Following after ExpressJet with a 77.9 on-time percentage, are Continental Airlines and US Airways, coming in at 79.8 and 80.7 percent, respectively.


Moral of the story: pick wisely, or you could be eating your holiday meal in Terminal 2. [Department of Transportation via The Atlantic Wire]

Image via Flickr/Laughing Squid