It's the time of year when tons of the best tablets and phones are released. It's also the time when people go on shopping sprees. At Gizmodo Gallery we're going to help you choose the right gift—for yourself.

In the last two months we've seen major new releases from Amazon, Apple, Asus, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung. They're all awesome products, but there's a lot of important considerations to take into account when choosing which one is right for you: Do you want an iOS, Android, or one of the insurgent Windows 7 devices? Do you want something that's easy to stuff in your pocket or something big enough to beat a mugger over the head with? Will this phone fit in your skinny jeans? AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon? What neat but non-essential features do you care about?

Get ready to do a Battlemodo for yourself.

We're good at telling you which products we think are the best, but we know you're not morons, and that if we just placed best available options in front of you, you'd make up your own damn mind. That's exactly what we're going to do. At Gizmodo Gallery we're setting up two stations where you can see the best smartphones and tablets of the year lined up right next to each other. We do these kinds of comparisons all the time. Stop by Gizmodo Gallery and step into the shoes of a Gizmodo writer. Prove us wrong. We dare you.

Gizmodo Gallery 2011 @ White Box

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Monday, December 5th
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Tuesday, December 6th
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Wednesday, December 7th
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Thursday December 8th
12noon – 8pm
Special Event at 6pm: Home Theater How-To and Demo Session
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Friday, December 9th
12noon – 8pm
All Day Special Event: MarkerBot Demos
Special Event at 6pm: Artist Talk - Micah Ganske's MakerBot Experience

Saturday December 10th
11am - 8pm
All Day Special Event: Free Pictures with Lego Santa Yoda

Sunday December 11th
11am - 6pm
All Day Special Event: Free Pictures with Lego Santa Yoda

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