After having to get up at 4:30am to catch that flight home, you checked your laptop bag along with the rest of your luggage. Dammit. What are you to do? Worry not! Here are six sources of instant entertainment you can find in any terminal.

Rechargeable Power Pack

All you have on you is your smartphone. This will be your source of entertainment for the next 3-12 hours. Music, movies, books and games—possibly even wi-fi—will run through this one device. Battery life is essential. While waiting for your flight to arrive, saunter into a Brookstone and pick up a powerpack for your phone. In the event that your battery starts to run low, you can attach this thing and extend the fun.$80

Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones

Yep, you left your headphones in that bag too. You can't enjoy much in the way of personal entertainment without these things. Many airports have bite-sized Best Buy stores in them. And I'd be willing to wager those little wonders will be carrying Bose Noise-Canceling headphones, since when else do people really use noise-canceling headphones?$300

Sony HD Bloggie Pocket Cam

OK, so maybe you don't keep much on your phone in the way of videos and music, and you can't stand whatever is on the in-flight entertainment system. Understandable. Why don't you make some entertainment of your own. Here's what you do. Spend the pre-takeoff time making small talk and introducing yourself to the person in the next seat. Spend the first hour of the flight making fast friends. Then once they've had their snack and dozed off for a nap, pull out the Sony Bloggie and begin filming your half-drama/half-documentary experimental masterpiece. When they wake up, use the first few minutes of confusion to remind them you two had discussed this before they fell asleep and proceed to observe/bark commands at them for the next few hours. $200

Johnny Walker Blue Scotch Whiskey

Know what's instant fun in a bottle? Alcohol! Know what Airports have? Duty Free shops that serve up really nice liquors to you tax free! If you have nothing better to do, just get drunk off a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label and just wait and see where the flight takes you. Just hope it doesn't involve the barf bag in your seat pocket.$175-$225

Sky Mall

Is there any greater institution of air travel than reading Sky Mall? It's the premier collection of the world's most unnecessary products. That dog you don't have definitely needs a ramp to walk up onto your bed. You definitely need a wristband holder for your iPhone. And don't think just because you check the website every now and then that it's the same. IT'S NOT. Free. (Provided you don't go on a shopping spree).Free (as long as you dont go on a shopping spree).

Sleeping Pills

This is a last resort. A cop out really. But if none of the aforementioned options sound appealing to you, there's no quicker way to make it through a flight than to sleep. Head to a Hudson News shop, and ask for a sleep aid. If the cashier doesn't try to sell you some black market prescription pills, settle for whatever over-the-counter shit the store officially sells, like Unisom or something. It'll have to work. $10

Image via Shutterstock/Ljupco Smokovski