Okay, maybe that turkey recipe was a bit of a disaster. No worries, you got 364 practice meals before next Thanksgiving. First order of business, figure out how long it takes to actually cook meat. Or you can say to hell with it and lay down some beats between trips to moon and playing an old-school tower defense game.

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Is It Ready Yet?: Food is expensive. Meat, well you'd think it was cheaper considering how big a cow is. Before you destroy a one cut of meat by overcooking it, take a gander at the Is It Ready? app. It'll give you the time and temperature need to prepare delicious pork, beef, and poultry.

Burn and Turn: Playing a knight is lame. Instead you get to be a dragon in this tower-defense game with old-school graphics. I like to pretend they're Targaryen Dragons. $2

SampleTank Free: Everyone wants to be a rock star. If even for a little while. You know, before the inevitable stint in rehab. Throw a few tracks down with SampleTank and you'll be on your way to waking up in a fancy hotel with a pile of groupies. Rock and roll! Free

Cosmonauts: Who doesn't love a good alternate timeline. Philip Roth had that book about Charles Lindbergh becoming president of the United States. And Fringe, well that show is one big alternate timeline. Cosmonauts imagines a world where Mother Russia won the Space Race and now they have to save us from aliens. Free

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