Google sneaks Chrome onto the iPad. You can kinda, sorta get Facebook Timelines without Facebook's help. And if your sick of turkey, make your own pizza while sipping a delicious cocktail.

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Google Search: Pssst, don't tell Apple. But it looks like Google snuck Chrome into the App store via the Google Search app. Free

Timelines for Facebook: While we wait for Facebook to release Timelines for the general population, you might as well check out this close approximation on the iPad. Free

Dominos Pizza Hero: I know. The pizza from Dominos is like eating ketchup smothered cardboard. But this app lets you make your own ketchup smeared cardboard before actually ordering it. Hell, it's better than Sbarro. Free

Martha Stewart Cocktails: Martha Stewart drank a forty on the Conan O'Brien Show after sipping a cocktail. That's all I need to know to put my trust in her cocktail app. The app has how-to videos and bits of historic information about cocktails. $3

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