Swapping music between iPhones just got real easy. And forget Yelp's review manifestos, you should go tiny. Then become a rat-battling rogue and get ready for robot combat.

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Sprd the Note: Share music from your iPhone's iTunes library directly with other iPhones over wi-fi or email. A great way to share a track with your less-than-music savvy friends. If you're in a band, you can use the app to share your latest song with your fans at a show. Free

Tiny Review: The problem with Yelp is that it's full of people that use Yelp. For quick concise reviews, try Tiny Review. Three lines and a photo, thats all you get. Free

The Bard's Tale: Kotaku says,: "The Bard is a bit of a cad, and spends most of the game chasing ladies and gold rather than doing heroic things like, say, rescuing villagers and defeating evil. However, over the course of the game's lengthy story (it clocks in at 20-30 hours, just like the 2004 game), he is swept up on an epic adventure, facing off against huge monsters, deadly guardians, and of course, breakdancing zombies." $6

Epoch: Kotaku says, "While the game is a shooter (of sorts), and is built around the idea of juggling between shooting at enemies popping out from cover and taking cover yourself, its controls are elegantly simple, built specifically for the platform." Who doesn't have Daft Punk's Robot Rock in their head right now? $6