Step into the beautiful world of Vincent Van Gogh. Create your very own muppet character. Rock out with the Beatles Album guide and Slice your way through Infinity Blade II.

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Muppet Mail: You're probably thinking, "Man, Gizmodo is really going nuts with the Muppets." Okay, that's true. But, it's the Muppets. Muppet Mail lets you send customized Muppet emails, and create your very own Muppet. Make one of yourself. Make one of your friends. For fun, make one of my boss Joe Brown and send it to me, or post it in the comments. $3

Van Gogh's Dream: Yes, Van Gogh cut his own ear off. But it was for a girl. Or maybe a guy. Who cares, Vincent is hardcore. Check out Vincent's art, letters, and technique in this incredible iPad app. A must have for art lovers. $10

Rolling Stone's Beatles Album-by-Album Guide: They wanted to hold our hands and introduce us to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Follow the history of the Beatles with Rolling Stone's anthology app as they go from struggling bar band to psychedelic superstars. $6

Infinity Blade: Kotaku says "In screenshots, Infinity Blade II might look indistinguishable from its year-old predecessor, but the new game, which I played until my level 9 hero got obliterated by a level 75 boss, offers much more player choice." $7