Find the bathroom in the mall with your phone. Keep track of all the boxes headed to your home. Manage your Android device from a browser and enter a young boy's dreams without being all creepy.

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AirDroid: Amaze your friends with your ability to reply to their text messages at lightning speed. AirDroid lets you send SMS through a browser, side load apps, and manage your music, photos and contacts. Free

Sleepy Jack: Kotaku says, "It's one part Sega classic NiGHTs into Dreams , one part classic tunnel shooter (think Tempest or my personal favorite, N2O). The player uses on-screen controls or their phone's accelerometer to spin Sleepy Jack about a series of dreamy tunnels, collecting Zs to power a good night's sleep." $2

Parcels: If you have half a brain, you're ordering all your holiday presents online. It's better than fighting the crowds and you're usually getting a good deal. Parcels helps you track all of those packages as they make their way across country from various delivery services. If only there was an app that wrapped those presents. Free

Google Maps: Google updated their Map app to find your position within select retail locations and airports. They optimized their location feature so musch that the app can pinpoint which floor you're on at the mall and give you the layout of that floor. I'm waiting for one of my friends to post a screenshot of their Map location from the bathroom. I have weird friends. Free