Tired of your friends with the iPhone 4 and 4S showing you how awesome HDR is? Yeah, screw those jerks. You can get HDR for free today on your iPhone 3GS. That'll show 'em. Dead Space won an award and now it's cheaper and let's play a football video game. No one's ever thought of making one of those before.

iOS: HDR Fusion - Free $2

The iPhone 4 and 4S have HDR capabilities. That's great unless you own an iPhone 3GS. You're pretty much screwed in the HDR area. HDR Fusion, okay the name seems a bit redundant, but it brings HDR capabilities to the previous iPhone design. The app has a self timer and will process photos later instead of immediately after taking the photos is taken. It also works on the iPhone 4 and 4S if you you're not a fan of the default HDR capabilities. Dropped from $2 to Free. [Via Appsylum]

iOS: Dead Space for iPad - $5

Apple named Dead Space the "iPad Game of Year." Good for them. But more importantly, good for you because you're gonna save $5 battling the dead in this stunning kill-the-already-dead-in-space game. I bet you didn't know zombies had a space program. They call them the Necromorph horde, but I think we know zombies when we see them. Dropped from $10 to $5. [Via AppShopper]

iOS: NFL Rivals - Free

Let's just say that football is better than those other sports. American football, not soccer. You can play the greatest sport ever created—not counting Ms PacMan—on your iPhone with an officially licensed game. Play as your favorite team during the 2012 season and add your stats to the global Rivals' stats. Dropped from $1 to Free. [Via Apps-aholic]

Android: Fruit Ninja - 10¢ $1.26

Part of the ongoing 10 Billion Downloads promo in the Android Market, Fruit Ninja is your slicing-up-fruit-with-a-sword game of the day. The game includes three fruit-juice-producing game modes. Classic, Zen, and the new Arcade mode with freeze, frenzy, and double score. For such a simple premise, this game is incredibly addictive. Like a smoothy, filled with heroin. Dropped from $1 to 10¢. [Android Market]